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We're not afraid to be servicey here at Gawker: We're all about bringing our readers important information that they might not be able to obtain in their otherwise busy lives. Certain requests for illumination, however, put us in an odd place, ethics-wise. Take the following query:

I just read your item about Al Goldstein saying he has enough Ambien to kill himself ...

Having tried this myself several times (with vodka, with other drugs) and failed (what I took just put me into the ER for a stomach flush and some activated carbon, and the suggestion to seek psychiatric help ... duh), I think people like Goldstein and me need to know:

Just how much Ambien does it take to kill someone, based on age and weight? I'm sure it would do the trick, but I've researched it on the Web and have failed to find anything.

I'm out of Ambien, by the way ... my cache was taken away from me by a person who cares but who apparently has no idea about why anyone would want to do this. I'm sure Goldstein has no idea, either.

So, what's the lethal dose???

Now, sure, we could call a couple of doctors, do a little research, but when even our shallow conscience feels a tinge of conflict we think it's best that we seek your advice: Is this a question we should answer? Of course the information would be helpful to some (including an editor or two) but would providing it be the ultimate transgression? Also, if we do, would you prefer to see it in chart or list form? Counsel us here.

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