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The Huffington Post says it is hiring experienced reporters, to produce more original stories, rather than rely on unpaid bloggers as much as it has. And so the political news and comment site, in its first Bay Area appointment, has turned to...

...Nick Douglas, 22-year-old outgoing editor of this trashy gossip site. Huffpo, one of the most successful internet launches of last year, was founded by Arianna Huffington, who ran twice for Governor of California, once behind her shell of a husband, once on her own behalf.

In her internet media efforts, she's typically campaigned against the mainstream media, or MSM, as she still insists on calling it. Douglas, who will write three items a day for Huffpo's Eat the Press media column will enjoy that part of the job, even if original reporting is a new concept for a young blogger. Valleywag will be linking.


Huffpo's Rachel Sklar says it was just coincidence that Nick Douglas came on when the site launched its drive for more original reporting.