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On Larry King last night, ex- NJ governor Jim McGreevey's onetime aide and (according to McGreevey) partner in ecstatic man-love Golan Cipel again refuted claims that he'd been anything but a sexual harassee to McG. But he also leveled a shocking accusation: that "Gay American" McGreevey isn't even a homo (though he covered his bases by copping to notion that McGreevey might be "bi.")

In the interview, Cipel dissuaded the gay community from accepting McGreevey as one of their own, citing the fact that

"the former governor also frequently spoke about heterosexual encounters, including sex with prostitutes on trips to Germany and the Dominican Republic." According to Cipel, McGreevey's coming out was just "part of the spin."

If that's the case, the dude is certainly to be congratulated for his follow-through: he left his wife and now lives with a man. But we admit that we'd had our suspicions about McGreevey's gayness, too: what kind of self-respecting fag calls sex "making love?"

Cipel calls McGreevey "Bisexual" [AP]
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