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Following up yesterday's item about Lindsay Lohan's alleged attendance at a local AA meeting earlier this week, Page Six today reports on Lohan's delightful, possibly champagne-fueled antics at Wednesday night's GQ Men of the Year party (apparently, she's still just window-shopping for the right alcohol recovery program), where the actress threw a tantrum upon encountering a former assistant now in the employ of a peer with an enviable lack of an image problem:

[Jessica] Biel's assistant used to work for Lohan and earned the "Mean Girls" star's ire when she quit several months ago.

According to a witness, Lohan started screaming, "If she stays, I'm outta here! I can't look at that girl! I can't believe you would allow an assistant in here - she doesn't belong in here!" [...]

Lohan was shunned at the glittering affair by other celebs who are tired of her bratty antics and bad work ethic. Overhearing her tirade about Biel's assistant, Will Ferrell turned to DiCaprio, Gore and Affleck and said, "Who cares about that freak anymore, anyway?" - setting off laughter. Later, Lohan, with a champagne glass in her hand, tried flirting with Leo, to no avail.

Somewhat disappointingly, the incident didn't end with Lohan smashing a champagne glass to the floor and rushing out of the party with hands clasped to her ears, hoping to drown out the harsh cackles of powerful politicians, higher-paid, better-regarded actors, and Ben Affleck. She's made of tougher stuff, and hung around long enough to make out with Johnny Knoxville, salvaging what she could from an otherwise disastrous evening.