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Yesterday, we wondered whether Everything Bad Is Good For You author Steven Johnson is half as clever as he'd like us to think. Some of you thought we were being hard on the chap:

I had the pleasure of working with Steven a few years ago - I was VP of HR at a start up that Steven was involved with. I can assure you that Steven is every bit as clever as you question him to be - as well as intelligent, amiable, and very down to earth.

Well, isn't that lovely. Too bad it doesn't seem like the NYU J-school—where Johnson is a "Distinguished Writer in Residence"—feels the same way. The incriminating allegations after the jump.

he's an adjunct prof at NYU's j-school, a "distinguished writer-in-residence." He teaches a graduate-level magazine writing workshop called th> "Journalism of Ideas" and some of my classmates say that he cancels class frequently because of his pressing book tour schedule. Apparently, he cancels class so much that NYU is canning him...or he's leaving for a semester, not sure which (sure enough, you can't register for his class next semester...). The dean and faculty are pissed and an informed j-school prof at NYU (my academic deep throat) confirms this. Oh, and for whatever it's worth, his book is required reading for a gazillion classes here (cha-ching). ALSO in his book he refers to the "monsters" that chase Ms. Pacman when they are clearly ghosts, so I'm skeptical of his hipster video game nerdiness. Poser.

Hmm, that bit about ghosts vs. monsters is quite damning ...

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