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If you care at all about the outcome of America's Next Top Model, please, for the love of CariDee and all that is holy, STOP READING NOW.
Seriously. STOP! We mean it.

Fine, go ahead and ruin it for yourself. A detailed description of the final episode is up on Wikipedia. "Whatever, it's just Wikipedia," you're thinking, and breathing a sigh of relief. Well . . . we dunno. It tears a gaping hole in our heart to have to say this, but the way the episode is described seems . . . plausible. Ugh. Here is our conspiracy theory about how the ending of this Cycle ended up on Wikipedia: disgruntled fired writers are sabotaging the finale's ratings on purpose. Fuck all y'all, is all we have to say. AND ESPECIALLY YOU, MELROSE!!!!

Wikipedia Source Spills the Beans on America's Next Top Model [Celebrity News and Pictures]

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