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Aren't you sick of all those articles about how great Brooklyn is, and listening to people tell you which un-gentrified Brooklyn neighborhood they moved into 10 years ago, and just how eye-rollingly adorable everyone is with their expensive strollers and expensive children? You're in luck, because it looks like a new wave of stories may be in the offing: the moving-back-to-Manhattan trend piece.

Today's comes courtesy of scrappy community broadsheet Brooklyn Papers. It's a little long on anecdote and short on statistics, but anyway, it seems that the people they found are happier living among Manhattan douchebags than Brooklyn twatwaffles:

"I decided I wanted to go back to Manhattan — specifically to Alphabet City — where there is a real feeling of community and more diversity than probably just about any other neighborhood of the city."

"The East Village atmosphere is better. The people are more like me," said Tara Croft, 34, an unmarried writer for a business magazine. "They're single and they like to hang out.

Sounds delightful.

They'll Re-Take Manhattan [Brooklyn Papers]
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