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Jim Romenesko directs us to a profile of "homophobic and unfunny Post caricaturist" Sean Delonas in the NJ Daily Record. Sean has written a children's book with his son Ryan called Scuttle's Big Wish. "It's about a mouse who wishes everything he touches would turn to cheese," says Ryan, and the paper notes how unexpected the work is, coming as it does from a man "whose hard-hitting editorial cartoons provoke laughter and outrage." (We know.) Delonas seems confused by the controversy his work generates: "I'm really not personally that political. I try to draw cartoons that I think are funny." (We know.) When asked whether young Ryan will follow in his father's footsteps, Delonas demurs: "Ryan 'likes to draw the Titanic sinking.'"

Which he presumably, if genes are anything to go by, labels "My daddy's career."

Like father, like son: 'Big Wish' a shift for cartoonist [NJDR]

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