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We loooove it when big corporations, major nonprofits, and government agencies have blogs. They always so totally nail the personal, intimate voice that makes blogs so readable and addictive, except not. Ever. Witness: 'The Quitter,' an American Cancer Society-sponsored blog about a dude who is about as good at acting as lonelygirl15, and his attempt to quit smoking. Witness his heartfelt testimonials and his just-a-regular-guy locutions!

I love reading the responses from the ACS. Talk about an awesome support network. Their advise and positive energy comes from the heart...and they also have a little bit of experience dealing with this sorta stuff- this ain't their first rodeo.

We'd listen to his video liveblogs, too, but we can't hear him, owing to the fact that we are smoking a cigarette out of each ear right now.

[The Quitter via Adrants]