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Good news for those of you with unrefined palates and propensity to ingest garbage: Taco Bell is over that nasty bout of E. coli that has made nearly fifty area residents ill.

Yum Brands Inc. on Tuesday said a strain of E. coli that is suspected to have sickened a number of people in the Northeast is no longer in any of its Taco Bell restaurants.
"The E. coli strain appears to have passed through our system," Tim Jerzyk, Yum's vice president of investor relations, said at a meeting with Wall Street analysts on Tuesday.

Nice one, Tim! Jerzyk went on to add that Yum had suffered some discomfort, but everything came out the other end, and attributed the speedy dispersal to the corporation's focus on spraying out the affected food products. "I shit you not," said Jerzyk, "we are ready to return to serving the wonderful meals Taco Bell consumers have come to know and love, which feature only trace amounts of feces."

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