Shoe-Wearing Mississippians Love Black People, LiteracyThe ad at right (click to enlarge) is part of series aimed at improving the reputation of the great state of Mississippi. "Mississippi, Believe It!" campaign came about, as the press release informs,

"when a 12 year-old boy from Connecticut asked the Mississippi businessman sitting next to him on an airplane if the businessman, "still saw the KKK on the streets every day" . and whether or not he "hates all black people." This stunning revelation was the catalyst to the businessman fighting back against the erroneous stereotypes that plague Mississippi. This fascinating effort has become one of the most intriguing social consciousness stories of the year. And as a firestorm continues to brew over comments made by Rep. Charles Rangel about Mississippi, this story takes on even more widespread interest.
Well, it is pretty interesting, in a sort of, "Look at us, we're not racist hicks, Brandy comes from here" kind of way. It got us to thinking, though: New York has image problems of its own, i.e. too many fucking people want to move here. In an attempt to stem the tide, we've created an ad of our own in homage to our friends from Mississippi. You'll find it after the jump.

Shoe-Wearing Mississippians Love Black People, Literacy