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Yesterday, we bemoaned the continuing proliferation of the "cool neighborhoods" piece, but like skinny jeans and fake speakeasies, it's a story that we're starting to see everywhere. Take today's NYT exposition on rats, by Metro section wunderkind Sewell Chan (duh), in which the perils of living in the next cool neighborhood are made abundantly, revoltingly clear:

On a recent morning, two veteran exterminators, Larry J. Adams and Harold B. Pou, parked a city van in front of an apartment building in Brooklyn. The front yard of a building on Bushwick Avenue was perforated with rat burrows, indicating a severe infestation.

Now, let's see: According to New York magazine's handy chart, Bushwick is still cool—which means if you live there, you probably have some sort of horrible, rat-borne disease right now.

In Epic Battle, the Rat Patrol Adjusts Its Aim and Digs In [NYT]
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