Ask The Rack, The Huff

Familiar with Paltalk? Of course you are! It's

the largest online video chat community with more than four million active members. Paltalk is the only program in the world that allows users to communicate through video, voice and text in chat rooms they create and can hold thousands of people.
Even better, they're in a celebratory mood, and they've got a special event coming up tomorrow:
Amanda Congdon , Arianna Huffington, shock jocks Opie & Anthony, dating guru Samantha Daniels, ex-Destiny's Child member LeToya Luckett, nationally renowned financial manager Whitney Tilson, among others will be hosting live, group video chats on the Paltalk chat program December 6th 2006 to celebrate the release of Paltalk 9.0.
Let's be honest: We know you are dying to ask questions of Arianna and the chick with the set. We've got a special arrangement with the Paltalk folks where our queries will receive expedited service. Now all we need are a few good suggestions of what to ask! Fire away! Questions about cup size will, regrettably, be discarded, but everything else is fair game.