Best In Show: Blog Pets Face Off. Meow!

"Omg, totes out of stuff to write about at today. Oh, hey, look, Fluffy is doing that thing where he puts his paw over his eyes. Awww! [Digital camera snap noise]" Sound familiar? It does to the bloggers listed after the jump, who are famous ("famous") for posting about their pets. At the risk of sounding like a total girl, we guess they're like adorable or whatever. But as you know, everything is a competition. So: these three fuzzy fluffballs of Kute will face off in a poll later on, once they've inspired some other bloggers to put their own animal companions' honor on the line. To be considered, though, the pet in question has to have been the subject of a lot of blog posts. And while costumes are obviously a plus, entrants who have a blog that's just about their pet will not be considered because of sheer patheticness. Also, please remember that we are just talking about the pets here and not the blogs. You can save your mean comments about which of the bloggers below you hate most when we're singling them out for, like, "whose mom has the worst cancer."

So — blog/pet role models to get the ball rolling:

Cityrag/Buddy The Wonder Dog


Best In Show: Blog Pets Face Off. Meow!




Best In Show: Blog Pets Face Off. Meow!