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WGA West President Patric Verrone defends the organization's decision to delay contract renewal talks with studios, deflecting accusations of saber-rattling with counter-saber-rattling-accusations about the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers' threats to accelerate production and stockpile scripts if the Guild doesn't immediately do their bidding. [Variety]
America's Next Top Model moves closer to being completely unionized; unfortunately, it's not the union their recently fired writers were hoping for. [THR]
Patrick "McDreamy" Dempsey signs on to star in the romantic comedy Made of Honor, in what will be an ultimately futile attempt to recapture the big-screen stardom he achieved as Loverboy's gigolo pizza delivery guy. [Variety]
· July 2006 Disney shitcanee Nina Jacobson signs a three-year producing deal with DreamWorks, who promise never to fire her while she's in a hospital delivery room, witnessing the miracle of life. [THR]
It's the usual Monday night Nielsen drill for NBC: viewers tune in for people shouting at briefcases, stick around to watch indestructible cheerleaders, then flip to another channel before 10 pm momentum stopper Studio 60 has a chance to capture their hearts with a monologue about the absurdity of FCC fines. [Variety]