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(More) Bugaboos on Bedford Avenue! Even longer lines at Southpaw! Less stuff for people to gripe about in those moving back to Manhattan trend pieces! This is the good (well, hey, it's good for us) news for today: the MTA announced that it will fiiiinally respond to the population growth in the Greenpoint/Williamsburg area and add 5 stops to the G train ("long considered the step-child of the MTA"), making a trek from the Slope to the 'Burg more feasible than ever before. L train service will also double up. Thank fucking God, is all we have to say. The only tiny downside that we can see is that by the time these plans actually take effect (late 2007— early 2008), we will be too old for one of the neighborhoods and still too poor for the other. Oh well.

MTA to Bookst L, G Lines Service [AMNY]