Craigslist Holiday Gigs: The Breakdown

Like most people, you might find yourself in need of a little extra holiday cash around this time of year. You don't want anything long-term — just a few nights of work, a few bills in your pocket, and maybe a little dignity left over. After exhausting less tawdry options, you might eventually find yourself turning to the "Event Gigs" ads on Craigslist, which single-handedly support an entire subculture of largely talentless and skill-free individuals who nevertheless can appear reasonably attractive in dim lighting. Given the wealth of holiday-related events, we dispatched Intern Mary into the depths to discover just what kinds of holiday gigs are out there, running the gamut from geishas to boot models to liquor dispensers. After the jump, sift through your temporary employment prospects in tasty pie-chart form.

Craigslist Holiday Event Gigs, November 29 - December 6, 2006
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Craigslist Holiday Gigs: The BreakdownQuite a spread of specificity here, though several might ultimately get lumped together — what could be meant by the menacingly vague "entertainers"? And we almost wish "massage" was just a little more vague, really. Though just imagine if you could be that sushi chef/geisha girl/Santa triple threat. Obviously the big gorilla is party promotion, which subsumes many types of generic scut-work from bussing tables to fellating guests (figuratively and quite possibly literally). Where are all those parties, anyway?

Craigslist Party Promoter Gigs by Neighborhood, November 29 - December 6, 2006
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Craigslist Holiday Gigs: The BreakdownThe strong Midtown showing is certainly expected — those billions of office-party canap s aren't going to serve themselves — but Chelsea! You go, girls. Be festive.


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