Scant days remain before Time magazine reveals their choice for the 2006 Person of the Year, and the excitement is palpable! Go ahead, palpate that excitement. You know you want to. In the meantime, you can submit any photo for a pretend Time POTY cover that may display above the rubes mobbing Times Square. (Send us your photos of anything interesting that pops up on that billboard, by the way.) Time is also running a reader poll, which currently puts Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the lead; Ahmadinejad is also a favorite among online bettors. However, he got scraped out of our own reader poll, narrowly missing the top-six placing required to make the runoff. After the jump, make your final POTY prediction, noting that first-round favorite Stephen Colbert already has one POTY (of a sort) under his belt.

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