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When Lane Garrison's attorney announced that his client had consumed a single drink at the high school party he stumbled into Saturday night after randomly befriending three teenagers—then offered a Variety Pak of defenses for the ensuing fatal crash—surely he must have known that it wouldn't be long before the many party attendees would come forward with their own, eyewitness accounts of events. And short of developing a "they all drank from the same hallucinogen-laced punchbowl!" tactic, it seems that his One Drink Defense is not going to hold up:

Five eyewitnesses from the party tell TMZ that Garrison arrived at the party with Setian and two women, whom he had met earlier at a gas station. They say Lane brought a bottle of Grey Goose vodka to the party and unveiled the bottle to the crowd with a flourish. The gathering was described by several attendees as a "kick back of around 30 people.

The eyewitnesses, all acquaintances of Setian, say that Garrison then started taking shots of the vodka and offering shots to other partygoers. Several eyewitnesses also said photographs were taken of Garrison consuming alcohol.

Later in the evening, when the alcohol at the party was running low, the eyewitnesses say that Garrison agreed to drive out to buy more, and took Setian and two girls with him.

While nothing here can reduce the senselessness of the events, perhaps at the very least the newly emerging details of the Grey Goose-branded tragedy and supporting photographic evidence will be enough to jog post-traumatic amnesia sufferer Garrison out of his current fog.