Zune abandons hostile blogosphere Zune abandons hostile blogosphere Like an erring husband, returning to a long-suffering wife, Microsoft is trying to win back the mainstream press that it disrespected when it launched the Zune music player. Microsoft's marketers had entertained a fantasy: that the blogs, which increasingly determine buzz on products, would embrace it; the virtues of digital device would spread, virally, as people exchanged music with their friends; and a traditional press relations campaign, with a focus on tame business and national titles, was redundant. Microsoft's PR agency, after a scathing reception to the Zune by the blogs, is pitching a small number of press in calls today. The Edelman email, passed on by a jilted reporter, still bitter, after the jump:

I work at Edelman in Seattle on behalf of Microsoft/Zune. I'm in the process of setting up 15-minute calls tomorrow morning with a Zune spokesperson. We've identified a small number of press for the calls and I was wondering if you were interested and what your availability would be. We're not making any major announcements, rather talking about the recently released NDP numbers and forecasts for Zune.

Please feel free to call me directly to arrange a time.

Sara Ball
Edelman on behalf of Microsoft/Zune