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There exists in all of Gaydom perhaps no greater paradox than the one represented by the inner struggle of the Bible-thumping diva, who would have no career if not for the Gays who idolize them, but whose strict religious upbringing teaches them that God looks unkindly on the shirtless, sodomizing hordes gazing worshipfully up at them from the dancefloors below. No, not even Jennifer Hudson, recently anointed Gay Man's Messiah for her up-from-the-American-Idol-ashes, Beyoncé-upstaging turn as Effie in Dreamgirls, is immune from the fanbase-alienating phenomenon. The Dallas Voice recently interviewed Hudson—who until now has expressed a very pro-Gay attitude in the media—and found the Next Big Thing still carries with her some old-fashioned attitudes:

As a Baptist who's singing at circuit party, has Hudson reconciled her spiritual beliefs and her gay fan base? Does she support same-sex marriage?

"Nobody has ever asked me these questions," she says.

"Everybody sins," Hudson continues. "No sin is greater or different than the other. To each his own. If it don't bother Jennifer, then Jennifer don't mind. I don't really even think about it because I don't believe in judging people for what they do."

When referencing themselves, lots of divas probably do that schizophrenic thing where they toggle between first and third person. But did Hudson just say that being gay is a sin?

"According to the way we're taught, and what it says in the Bible — it is," Hudson says.

Hudson is a novice at the media junket game, and we suspect all it will take is one such slip-up before she learns the hard way of just how quickly the Gays can taketh away whatever squealy adulation they choose to give. It's amazing how swiftly a radical slackening of one's high moral standards can come about after a single call from one's William Morris agent, in which they calmly explain that if "you don't put a muzzle on the 'man-on-man equals sinning' bullshit," your next career move could be joining fellow Idol also-ran diva and Gay-hater Mandisa as the on-board entertainment for an ex-Gay ministry's Alaskan Adventure singles mixer cruise.