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A front-page story in the New York Times today brought an important trend to our attention: more and more parents are sharing the marvels of the Great White Way with their children, starting at ever-earlier ages. Kids in the audience are especially common at musicals aimed at them (stunner), like Mary Poppins and Tarzan and the rest of the Disney musicals. What a cute trend! Why, just listen to how adorable and precocious Cindy Gerathy's kid was:

Kate's first show was "Beauty and the Beast," which she saw when she was 3. Ms. Gerathy admitted that 3 was young, but she wanted to impart her love of Broadway to the children as soon as possible.

Sounds like a great plan, Cindy! But in light of a Reuters item picked up by the Times today, we sure hope you didn't let little Kate toddle backstage. We hear that Beast guy can get a little handsy!

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