Jennifer Hudson Comes Out With Pro-Queer Guns Blazing In Response To 'Sin' Statements

Before a flawlessly put-together mob of angry Gays storms the courtyard of the 8000 Sunset shopping complex to topple the 68-foot statue of Jennifer Hudson they have erected in her honor, the star of Dreamgirls has released several statements intended to counter remarks attributed to her yesterday in a Dallas gay newspaper in which she allegedly called homosexuality "a sin." Her MySpace blog entry puts her current mood at "depressed," and goes on to say that "some paper is saying that I have a problem with gay people. Its just mean and wrong... Anybody that knows me, knows that just ain't true." A second statement, sent to The Advocate (whose current cover features Hudson) and forwarded to us, had this to say:

"In a recent interview, I was asked how I reconciled being a Christian with performing at events for my gay fans. I find it upsetting that some folks equate being a Christian with being intolerant of gay people. That may, unfortunately, be true for some, but it is not true for me. I have talked often of my love and support of the gay community.
I have said again and again that it was the gay community that supported me long before and long after AMERICAN IDOL, and kept me working and motivated. It is the gay community that celebrated my voice and my size and my personality long before DREAMGIRLS. Yes, I was raised Baptist. Yes, I was taught that the Bible has certain views on homosexuality. The Bible also teaches us not to judge. It teaches us to love one another as God loves us all. I love my sister, my two best friends and my director dearly. They happen to be gay."

While neither quote manages to retract the dirty, three-letter word which could lead to much studio tsuris in these crucial days counting down to the film's release, they do manage to successfully depict a gaga-for-Gays Hudson, who's willing to go to great lengths—even naming some of the same-sex enthusiasts in her life, including her director (did she mention he's a Gay?)—to convince her disco-dancing adoptive peoples just how much they mean to her. We'll leave it to you, however, to determine which of the statements, if any, may have been coaxed by the guiding hand of a studio publicist, hearing the distant sounds of millions of rainbow dollars from a potential Effie franchise being flushed down the toilet.