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Remember Look Book victim Lisa Falcone, the hedge fund wifey with her dressed-up twins? Come on, how could you forget? She was probably one of the twattiest Look Book subjects ever, spouting out gems like "When they're sleeping, I plan their outfits for the next day. I constantly see kids dressed casual, and I just feel that if I teach my kids to be casual, then fashion will die. And I'm not going to let that happen on my watch!" and, perhaps most tellingly, "I started out modeling. When I met my husband, I started freelance editing, and now I'm writing a novel."

Well, apparently all that outfit picking-out paid off: check out those twins today, on the cover of the New York Times! Unfortunately, Ms. Falcone isn't quoted in the article, so we still don't know how that novel is coming. Lisa, if you're reading this, drop us a line, okay? We're curious to know who's going to be publishing your debut, and whether you're still a vegetarian who wears leather "because it could be killed for meat. Therefore, I'm being an environmentalist."

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