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More fun at the expense of washed-up former 'It Boy' Fabian Basabe: today, WWD takes a closer look at the website for Fabian's charitable organization, which has the remarkably ambitious (and remarkably vague) goal of "promot[ing] universal cooperation, and advanc[ing] human achievement through support programs in such areas as medicine, education, research and service." That sentence rings a little bit false, sure, but not as false as this sentence in Basabe's bio:

"Fabian, who once was named one of Gotham's most eligible bachelors, is now happily married and focused on his charity work and television career while still contributing as a celebrity features editor to Glamour and Gotham magazine."

Hmmm, really? A celebrity features editor at two major magazines? How does he find the time, in between bouts of posing for pictures with musclebound men and getting all philanthropic? The fishiness of this assertion was confirmed by a Glamour spokeswoman, who told WWD, "A celebrity features editor? No, he is not a celebrity features editor. He wrote one story."

Fabian's a bit of an exaggerator? Gee, it makes us wonder what else he's fudging the details about in that bio. Hmm. Still thinking . . .

The Imagin(heir)y Editor [WWD]