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Well, we asked you to send us "lurid first-hand accounts involving the New York media world," and you sure as hell did. Sure, some of them were forwarded emails that have been floating around forever (for the record: Linda Clark = crazy bitch; assistant = needs to learn to take a hint), but others were news to us, man. A couple of the top mole contenders so far are after the jump. Remember, we — and you — will select a pair of winners eventually, and these lucky moles will have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find out what happens when Gawker editors and Page Six's Paula Fro get all drunk and loose-lipped. Super exciting, no? (If you'd rather have your booze 'to go,' we're sure that can be arranged, too.) You can't win if you don't play! Send your tips to

Anyway, after the jump: find out what Tina Brown likes to put in her mouth, and who Project Runway judge/ Elle editor Nina Garcia likes to put in her down-there mouth.

UPDATE: Ms. Garcia's lawyers have written to inform us that the information contained in this article is false.

I used to work (as an underling) for Tina Brown. She was always really nice to me, but definitely lived in her own bubble world and for a recent J-school grad was a tiny bit intimidating to be around. One day when I had been working at the mag for less than maybe a month she came out of her office to have a meeting with some editors/assistants including me. After about 5 minutes her asst. came out to tell her that she had an important call, which she then proceeded to take at MY desk. So the meeting keeps going and I sort of glance back and see her completely chilling at my desk - chatting on my phone, leaning back in my chair, and then casually reaching over and proceeding to start unwrapping and eating a package of Vitamin C drops that had been sitting on my desk! As if they were her very own! I think she ate like two or three in the course of the phone conversation. From then on I could never be afraid of that candy-stealing bitch again. At least she threw away the wrappers.

It's common knowledge that Nina Garcia (married) is having an affair with Prosper Assouline (of Assouline publishing and also married w/ a son). In fact you guys have run a few Nina sightings with "overly gelled" man (that's Prosper). It's a little known fact that Prosper keeps a love nest in his actual office. A small door in his office at the Sterret-Lehigh building leads to a fully furnished studio apartment w/ full bathroom. On more than one occasion Prosper's assistant has had to juggle his wife and Nina moving in and out of that love shack. Both Nina's and Prosper's former assistants (no, I'm not one of them) have blackmailed their way into better positions just for keeping quiet (One is now and Editor at Elle). The backroom loveshack has also been used by various other Assouline employees. Anyway, the whole point of that convoluted story is that Nina Garcia is sperminated... and no one knows who the father is: her husband or Prosper Assouline.

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