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When we took this job, we were told by an outgoing editor — not sayin' who! — that working at Gawker would be "the best diet ever." We have two words for that, and they're the same words we now type in, like, every other post: "Um, no." Reason: right around the corner from the Gawker office (noticing a TODOs theme yet?), Balthazar Bakery sells the world's most perfect donut. Even if you're not a fan of donuts in general, you will be won over by the Balthazar banana variety.

Before we started working here, we ate oatmeal and green tea for breakfast and cared about shit other than celebrity labia and generally had a decently healthy lifestyle, but there's something about waking up at 5:30 every motherfucking goddamn morning that makes us feel like we're owed a few minor indulgences."We deserve it!" we think every day as we take our first bite of the donut, which is half the size of a Dunkin' monstrosity and not coated in sickly-sweet glaze. It's crunchy on the outside and only a little bit fried-tasting, and then the inside is moist with a subtle, natural banana flavor. It's topped with pecans, which are good for you because they're full of protein. It goes great with coffee, which we started drinking again after a two-year hiatus four weeks ago. (COFFEE IS FUCKING AWESOME!) We've already added like fifty points to our bad cholesterol count and god knows how many pounds of lard to our haunches, but we don't care because these donuts are pretty much the only thing we're looking forward to every day. Try one!

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