So, Sean, quite how bad were you? The backstory: Valley bad boy Sean Parker , forgotten founder of Napster , Plaxo and Facebook , is the subject of rumors which get more lurid with every retelling. In particular: the circumstances of Parker's removal in 2004 from Plaxo , the online address book backed by Mike Moritz of Sequoia Capital , which was particularly abrupt and mysterious. Valleywag asks the burning question, about the drugs, after the jump.

Valleywag: So, what's all this about the arrest? Look, I couldn't care less about a coke offense. I was thinking a light tease about you carrying in North Carolina, of all places. You know, pander to prejudice about rednecks, etc.

Sean Parker
: I will say, for the record: I was at no point apprehended "carrying" cocaine (or with cocaine in my possession/vehicle), indicted of any crimes related to cocaine, nor convicted of any crimes related to cocaine. There is, however, a mistake...or shall we say a misunderstanding (of the highest order) which underlies this particular pernicious rumor...Apart from clarifying the hard facts of the situation (as I have done) I would prefer not to delve into the specific circumstances as they would implicate others who have an expectation of privacy.

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