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We were skimming Rebecca Traister's wishful-thinking farewell to Paris Hilton, and one line jumped out at us:

But given that even her fashion sense is abysmal by every possible standard, it's impossible to argue that Hilton has "It" unless "It" means a hairless hooch and the willingness to expose it.

As you know, we haven't been immune to the problem presented recently to everyone who works in the lite media: how to continually refer to celebrities' exposed cooters, but still keep it fresh by switching up the euphemisms for poon? We bottomed out by the end of last week, but still managed to crank out a few last twats and bukilukis. So we have to call Traister out for her use of the word "hooch" to describe Paris's taco: 52 of 69 Urban Dictionary users agree with us that the word means moonshine, not chocha. Traister will probably think that our pudendal nitpickery makes us some kind of "skuzzball," but whatever to that cooze.

So Long, Paris [Salon]
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