We'd never recommend that a comedy club patron, no matter how offended he felt over a comic's reflexive response to his poor audience etiquette, take to the stage to settle a grievance; as we've all learned from the last few weeks in Michael Richards news, a club is a peaceful place where people come together to celebrate their differences through the art of stand-up without confrontations of any kind. But over the weekend in Odessa, TX, a man displeased with Biodome superstar Pauly Shore's attempts to quiet some hecklers so that he could continue on with his comedic insights into the human condition without further interruption shattered the peace with a right hook to Shore's face. In the above video of the incident, apparently captured by another patron at the club, it's hard to tell if the comedian got in a shot of his own, other than the "Fuck all you fuckin' white trash [unintelligible]" he offered as he followed the police officer subduing his attacker off-stage. Normally, we'd send you off with an exhortation to enjoy the clip, but given the circumstances, we'd rather you quietly lament the blow this regrettable incident has dealt to audience/comedian relations as you squint through repeated viewings, trying to discern the exact moment of impact in the murky footage.

UPDATE: The clip's already gone: "This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner The Gersh Agency because its content was used without permission." Agencies can get things off YouTube now? The internets are doomed if agents are running the show.

UPDATE 2: The video has reappeared here! With fun editing making sure you don't miss the punch.