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Sacha Baron Cohen has much to celebrate today, as not only has he been named best actor by the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, but one of his lingering legal headaches—the lawsuit brought about by the two frat boys who took issue with their (mostly accurate) screen depiction as drunken, insensitive louts—is now fake-Kazakh history:

Two college fraternity buddies shown guzzling alcohol and making racist remarks in the "Borat" movie have lost their bid for a court order to cut the scene they claim has tarnished their reputations, court papers revealed on Monday. [...]

The South Carolina college students lost again when Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Joseph Biderman ruled they had failed to show a reasonable probability of success on the merits of their case or that money damages alone would be insufficient to resolve their claims.

It's a legal precedent that future fratboy dupes set to unwittingly humiliate themselves in the Bruno movie should note: even if producers trick them into cramming 12 of their naked bodies into one Volkwagen Beetle for a Guinness record-breaking contest that doesn't exist, the resulting hilarious footage may exist to humiliate them in perpetuity.