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In the teeming netherworld of hipster comedians, you can keep your David Cross (or your Fake David Cross), because Todd Barry is the shit. His delivery and style have a superficial resemblance to the monotonescape of Stephen Wright, but that's only because of Barry's calm, soothing voice. In all other ways he's a real smug bastard, though he focuses on the same diet of pop culture, daily minutiae, and personal trivia favored by every other comedian of his generation. Something about his performance style is deceptively brilliant, though — what one audience member (according to Barry) once called his "gay" timing. Neither we nor Barry know how to interpret that, but his quiet, assured self-amusement is very easy to buy into. (On the other hand, his attitude may instantly repulse if high-octane condescension is not part of your daily recommended diet.) One third of the intermittently traveling or defunct comedy showcase Tinkle (hosted by himself, Cross, and Jon Benjamin), Barry still does plenty of New York shows; he has one at the Bowery Ballroom on Thursday, in fact, along with several other rising-star local comics. His taped shows and albums are amusing enough, but live is, as usual, best.

Todd Barry [Official site]