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The time: 2 p.m.
The date: December 9, 2006.
The place: 96th Street and Broadway.
Sighted: "Alec Baldwin bitch slapping some dude in the middle of West 96th Street. The guy had walked in front of Baldwin's car or something. Baldwin got out, slapped him and called him a cocksucker. Looked like he's lost weight."

You know how at this point no one likes Russell Crowe anymore. The guy is a really talented actor sure, but he is just such a self-important, pompous, bad-tempered asshole you can't help but despise him. Yeah, how come that never happens with Alec Baldwin? Our tipster watched Baldwin get out of his car and actually slap a pedestrian in the middle of the street and observed only that he "looked like he lost some weight." And when we read it, we thought — good for him, he looks so puffy in those tuxes on 30 Rock.

It's not like we all don't know the guy is an ass. The details that came out during his divorce and custody battle with Kim Basinger pretty much proved that. Granted, he probably didn't actually beat her, but you just know he made fun of her all the time. (In his defense, Basinger does seems kind of annoying, and unstable.)

More recently there was the whole thing where his costar in the play Entertaining Mister Sloane quit because he was a big, mean complainer who put his fist through a wall one time because it was too hot. The result? She left, the theater company stood by him, and no one else really cared. Same thing with similar rumors on the set of The Girls' Guide to Hunting & Fishing. Not to mention he is one of those celebrities always mouthing off about politics, and sometimes after small planes crash into buildings, he even yells at cops for blocking traffic. But we roll our eyes and think "Oh, Alec".

So what is it? What makes us like Alec Baldwin so much despite his obvious jerkiness? Maybe it's that he's a local guy from Long Island. Or maybe it's because we're from Jersey, and lately, he's been spending his time trying to protect us Jerseyans against a nuclear power plant. Or perhaps it's just a certain blogger kinship we feel. Oh, who are we kidding, it's totally just because he did "Schweaty Balls."

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