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It's here, it's here, the Amanda Congdon show is here! If you're willing to sit through a thirty-second Sheraton commercial and ignore the thousands of pop-unders ABC inflicts on you, you can catch The Rack in all its unfettered, Steely Dan-clad glory. We watched it with the sound muted so as not to be distracted while we were getting off, but the Times' Virginia Heffernan reviews the performance:

Slim, swan-necked, with the upright bearing of a dancer or cadet, she doesn't exactly lean in for intimacy with the viewer. She's not relatable. She seems a touch abstemious. The news, it seems, kind of grosses her out.

Heff actually approves ("She's plainly an enthusiast: for new media, for old media, for Amanda Congdon, for the possibility of being smart and pretty at the same time and furthermore doing something cool and kind of like weird."), which works for us. We'd just request a few more close-ups.

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