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We admit it, there are some days that we don't exactly feel good about what we do. It can be a little bit repugnant to spend our days raking all this muck! And so you can imagine how we felt when we read this impassioned cri de couer from Mal Lane, the college student who had no idea that posting about everything-butting Vince Vaughn on her blog and sending an email with the juicy deets to all of her sorority sisters would result in instant internet infamy:

I stand by the belief that while I may have made an error in judgment, I did nothing to deliberately hurt anyone, and acted as many young women in my position would. I spent time with a person of celebrity status, and chose to share it with a few close friends. My biggest mistake was putting my personal life in an e-mail that could be exaggerated, embellished and shared with others against my intentions. I was criticized and demeaned as a result of someone realizing they could profit from my humiliation.

What happened to me these past weeks was unfortunate, yes, but I am certainly not alone. Every day in the media, people are criticized, demeaned, and laughed at without rationale. We take pleasure in hating celebrities and public figures for no reason other than that it makes for good entertainment and money-making outlets. There are more Web sites and magazine articles dedicated to hating and gossiping about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton than to informing young people about the crisis in Sudan, or the conflicts in Lebanon. We follow Britney's first nights out without Kevin more closely than we follow America's first female Speaker of the House. Is this really where we want the priorities of our culture to lie? Will the time ever come when our concern for the evolution of our world is greater than our obsession with others' personal matters?

Oh, the guilt! The guilt! It burns, Mal.


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