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Armed with nothing more than a well-worn pair of Stevens Stompers, a scrappy team of background dancers, and a crazy dream that her romantic comedy set against the backdrop of competitive clogging might one day find its way onto the big screen, writer/actress Julia Fowler took to the roof of a local parking structure, where she would perform perhaps the first clog-pitch in Hollywood history. THR reminds us once again about why we love this town so much:

As she prepared with a series of quick stretches for what would be an unorthodox pitch session, several casually dressed executives gathered in front of a makeshift black floor measuring 20 feet by 14 feet.

This'll be memorable, if nothing else," whispered one seen-it-all exec. (The company where this particular version of the pitch took place declined to be named.)[...]

Fowler stepped forward onto the unconventional dance floor, and then she and a group of costumed dancers exploded into stomping and hopping. The floor of the structure vibrated as if an earthquake were hitting the city. First, the execs' jaws dropped, and then they broke into smiles. [...]

As a break from the routine of a conventional pitch meeting, the gambit was a hit. "If (the dancing) was on a DVD, I'd just pop it in and watch it while I was doing other things, like sending e-mails or reading," one executive said. "Oh yeah," his colleague agreed. "This was much better. This was cool." But all the executives acknowledged that, despite how excited they may have been, there was no guarantee of a sale.

Unfortunately, despite an exhausting schedule that saw the Possum Trot Cloggers team clog-pitching their hearts out all over down last week, the project remains unsold, as even such an attention-grabbing display of passion may not be enough to overcome the tragic myopia of producers and studio executives who barely wait for the dancers to finish before whispering a little too loudly amongst themselves, "Yeah, cool...but dude—it's a movie about fucking clogging."