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Just in case you thought those evil women's libbers had ruined romance forever, Williams-Sonoma is here to tell you that no, they didn't, and by the way, how about that Le Creuset casserole for your registry? December, it turns out, is the most popular time of year for engagements (15 percent of engagements happen in December, according to the crack research team at Conde Nast Bridal Media), and Williams-Sonoma is launching a new ad campaign (pictured at right) to get all those new fiancees to sign up with their gift registry—that is, if their boyfriends were quick enough to pick up on all the signals they've been sending:

In addition to being a romantic time of year, it is when everyone's together, so they can start to make plans," said Millie Martini Bratten, editor in chief of Brides. "And the ring is the ultimate gift."

Carley Roney, editor in chief of The Knot, an online wedding planning company, says its traffic surges each January. About 17 percent of the 2.3 million engagements every year take place in December, The Knot estimates. New Year's Eve is also a popular time for engagements, Ms. Roney said.

"A lot of people have end-of-year deadlines for themselves," Ms. Roney said. "You know: 'If he doesn't propose to me by the end of the year.' ..."

We imagine that Charlotte from Sex and the City must be so proud with this line of thinking.

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