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We were disturbed to learn, via a Dealbook profile of Dead Horse Media (Gawker founding editor Elizabeth Spiers' burgeoning online empire), that "Spiers registered some other interesting Web domains, including and the provocatively named, and has even started posting content to some of them". Could it be? Did Elizabeth really plan to damage our livelihoods? Or persons? Reached for comment, Ms. Spiers chuckled.

"The domain was registered by our general manager around the time that we launched Dealbreaker. We had some inclination to do something with it initially, but I'd have to write the whole thing, so, no. We're considering writing some sort of script that filters the boring service journalism out of Gawker, but that would probably make more sense under"

Ouch. We note that is still available. As is Consider that news you can use.

Former Gawker Editor Sews Up Fashion Site, and More [Dealbook]