The purge goes high The purge goes high The purge goes high The purge goes high AOL's new boss, Randy Falco , may not know how to use IM , but The TV industry veteran is an impressively bloody hatchetman. Among the rumored casualties from today's layoffs at Time Warner's AOL online unit, four senior managers, pictured left to right: Joe Redling, John McKinley, Kevin Conroy and Jim Bankoff , the AOL programming head. (Update: Jason Calacanis says, below, that he can't believe the company would let so many senior execs go at once.) It would certainly be a mistake to let Bankoff go. He brought in Weblogs Inc., Jason Calacanis ' stable of small web titles, one of AOL's more successful acquisitions; and he's the exec credited with the investment in , Time Warner's highly popular entertainment news site.