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The contested 'exclusivity' of the new shots of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's "natural-born" offspring (way to give Z and Mad even more issues, Daily News!) doesn't really interest us that much, but in case it interests you, here you have it: Hello! (a UK publication, natch) claimed that it had a World Exclusive, when in fact it only had US rights. People actually has US rights, which is why their ed in chief, Larry Hackett, was holding up the photos on the Today show yesterday. Neither publication really wanted the shots leaked all over the internet, but whatcha gonna do.
What does interest us is how the shots were sold to the publications by Trevor Nelson of the Endeavor Group. According to WWD, Nelson

sent out an e-mail to interested publications, asking that those "who purchase these photos will use them in a way that also draws attention to the needs of the Cambodian people." And the three-page pitch from Neilson reads like an application for the Nobel Peace Prize, detailing Jolie's and Pitt's visits to Cambodia from the year 2000. "Their vision and generosity will not only positively affect the lives of Cambodians today, it will also benefit generations to come," Jeffrey A. Sachs, director of The Earth Institute at Columbia University, is quoted as saying in the pitch.

The only thing that the Daily News story about the pix 'calls attention' to is the fact that Brad and Angie have given Shiloh "show-stopping looks you'd expect from the finest genes in Hollywood," but we suppose that's close enough.

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