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We admit it: we might have a problem with compulsively emailing ex-View ex-fatgirl Star Jones Reynolds. "Star, don't leave us! Star, where are you? Star, come back to us!!" we'd been pleading daily. And today, she FINALLY freaking responded, letting a glimpse of sunshine peek back into our darkened lives.

From the office of Star Jones Reynolds
Dear Friends,
Happy Holidays!
Many of you have written me asking where I've been and what I've got planned for the future. Believe me when I say that your notes and well wishes are received, read, and very much appreciated! And as I promised earlier this year, you all are the first to know of my new projects. . .
For me, this is a time of brand new chapters and wonderful beginnings. It is my intention to return to my roots of straight, smart "user-friendly" projects that convey my commitment to family, the community, and the law by providing programming that both entertains and informs.

Entertains AND informs?? What could it be? O, tell us, Star!!

A lot of stuff is on the way in 2007, but first. . . I am very excited to let you know that for three days next week (Monday, Dec. 18 through Wednesday, Dec. 20), I will be hosting a 3-hour radio program for the Radio One broadcasting network.

Think, a "talk show for your radio."

A talk show for radio!!! Why hasn't anyone ever thought of that before? Thank you, Star! Thank you in advance! Finally, we can go back to our normal lives, knowing that you have some sort of semblance of a career type thing again.

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