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This delicious pastry you see be ore you was one o the treats handed out at last night's Port olio holiday party. Note the stunning cra tsmanship, intricate design, and aesthetically pleasing requency o the amed Port olio . I this cookie is any indication o how the inance mag will actually turn out, we're sure the 8,000 sta ers Conde Nast has hired over the last year will have long, productive tenures at the book. We'll give you an update on how it tastes a ter the Adderall wears o and we eel like having ood again.

Update: The cookie has been consumed and our panel o experts ound it wanting. Reactions ranged rom "mediocre" to "really ucking bad." On the other hand, all o them elt an immediate urge to hire away sta members o the Wall Street Journal, which may have been the intent all along.

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