By now you know we have a slight fascination with Good, the magazine started by Inc. heir and man-about-town Ben Goldhirsh and backed by two generations of the Gore dynasty. Word on the street is that hotelier Andre Balazs finds Good to be "inspirational," and this is why he lent his coveted Beaver Bar for their holiday soiree. We sent shutterbug Nikola Tamindzic and Intern Stephanie to the same place where they were stalked by Richard Johnson and Lloyd Grove just two weeks ago. Bore yourself with the full gallery. After the jump, Stephanie gets three cosmos and a complimentary copy of the good-est magazine ever.

have an equal disdain for Amanda Cogdon's rack, which made an appearance at Good's launch party, and trust fund babies. That being said, I unintentionally arrived an hour late. I was stuck behind a broken-down A train at Columbus Circle for what seemed like an eternity. A homeless guy decided to pass the time by showing everyone in the car his stab wounds; a present from some guy he robbed last week. Deep down inside I'm still a suburbanite from East Bumblefuck, NJ. I couldn't wait to get off that train and into the cold, prickly arms of the Beaver.

You know you're at a bad holiday party when there are more magazines than people. I'd like to thank videographer Richard Blakeley for that sentence; he can be somewhat amusing after six gin and tonics. Anyway, was happy to discover that Ben Goldhirsh (editor) and Al Gore Jr. (publisher) aren't douchebags. In fact ,Al admits — off the record of course — that he refreshes Gawker and Wonkette religiously. In a moment of drunken stupor, Richard and I think of stupid questions to ask Al, such as which Tennessean would win in a fight: James K. Polk or Reese Witherspoon. Al chooses Reese because she's still alive. I choose Reese because she's seemingly less pretentious than Gwyneth Paltrow and I don't know a single fact about James K. Polk other than the fact that's he's dead.

After that moment, I convince Ben to give me his funniest quote ever. "We're going to bring it in 2007. Everything else in 2006 was just practice." We both agree it wasn't funny. Unfortunately, Ben and Al were slightly upstaged when "hot former intern Neel" made his fashionably late appearance. Neel kindly asked the three of us not to include him in today's write-up. And so, we shall not. Except for this part.

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