Brooklyn's '24/7' Newspaper Has No Love For The Faggots?

Specifically, the band The Faggots, pictured here. The band, described as sounding "like Elmo fronting Bikini Kill," are headlining a Hanukah spectactualar at Galapagos on Sunday night, and the listings rag so cool it doesn't even have a web presence had prepared a feature on Faggots frontman Dan Fishback to promote the show. But then, according to Fishback, 24/7 "scrapped it at the last second because of the name of the band. (To reiterate, they sent a reporter to cover The Faggots, and then wouldn't run his piece because the band is called The Faggots.)"

We knew 24/7 was crappy, but we didn't know they were bigoted and crappy! Next time you're desperate for a free publication, Brooklynites, pick up the L or the Brooklyn Rail or one of the other twelve — you'll be doing your part on behalf of faggots everywhere.