Ah, remember when bloggers would be shocked that Bill Gates would deign to speak to them. Now it's commonplace; witness this group photo, of 16 bloggers and influencers, with the Microsoft founder at the software company's Redmond HQ. Writes Evan Williams, maker of Blogger: "I got to meet Bill Gates yesterday, along with these other geeks. Bill was very excited about it." Give it another couple of years, and Gates will be hanging out at Bloggercon, handing out free Zunes left and right, to anyone with a Blogspot web page who'll stop and chat.

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Standing: Michael Arrington, Evan Wiliams, ..., Ryan Freitas, Tantek Celik, Jeremy Zawodny, Molly Holzschlag, Niall Kennedy, Shaun Inman (can anyone help with the face I don't recognize?)
Front row: Steve Rubel, Ryan Stewart, Chris Pirillo, Bill Gates, Kelly Goto, Liz Gannes, Beth Goza, Rael Dornfest