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Let's all give a warm New York welcome to new Voice employee Camille Dodero. Camille comes to us from the Boston Phoenix, where she's been covering this whole Internet thing. Interested in a sample of her work? A quick trip through the clip file reveals this July feature on Second Life, a March bit on how MySpace pages are now becoming obituary repositories, and, best of all, "Why I write", which is hopefully a preview of the skill set she'll be bringing to the Voice:

The paper you are currently reading is very different from, say, one of those tall, folded ones: I'm not only allowed to approach perfect strangers who call themselves Assman; I am, for better or worse, encouraged to do so. But aside from the novelty of this particular character and the fact that tracking down people like this is my job, the circumstances surrounding my introduction to Mr. Ass Wax speak to why I found this gnarly skate-rat entrepreneur worth documenting: urinal-side self-promotion is super-grassroots. See, if I'd gotten an e-mailed press release about Ass Industries, I probably would've deleted it; with the backing of a publicist, Assman just wouldn't have had the same . . . charm. What I'm trying to say is this: I've personally interpreted the goal of this alt-weekly as a mandate to hunt down the cultures, characters, atmospheres that develop sans communications firms.

Sounds like she'll be a great fit. Welcome, Camille! Just a friendly word of warning: Stay away from the whole Second Life rape thing. We totally own that story.

Movement at the Phoenix? [Boston Herald]