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Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (rarely) or design (almost always). Feel free to remark on these items' relative worthiness for coverage and/or relative stupidity. And, as ever, we're open to suggestions for future posts either via email or in the comments below.

• "Enclosed is a pic of this year's Fox/News Corp. gift pack. Everyone who goes to their big Xmas party at the Hilton (which is this Friday night) gets one. It's a standard thing, with a News Corp bag and a DVD (Devil Wears Prada). The energy-saving light-bulb thing is kinda queer, but whatever."
• "this is bob garfield from ad age. i can't figure out your comment mechanism, to here's this re. your little crack about me: We here in the world of windbaggery, when finding fault with someone or something, generally back up the criticism with evidence, or analysis or argument. Anything else is just name calling. Or, as Pete Dexter put it so eloquently, 'If you call somebody a no-good, thieving pig fucker, you'd better be able to produce the pig.'"
• "How dare you describe Mark Blanco's sister as 'Miss Grieving Relative'? Take your filthy tongue out of your cheek when you address the bereaved. Learn to spell the words you send up ('psuedo'?).And have a good, hard think about WHAT PONDLIFE YOU ARE."

  • "why all the hate on ole bill? he's being constructive!"
  • "hey. i am sure your busy. but any tips on how to meet or run into lucy liu. on either coast?"
  • "so regarding that brian williams post this morning, you guys should find the interview he did with charlie rose. i just remember williams dropping some hilarious quips about blogging, youtube, the internet in general, etc not to mention a serious love for nascar. all pretty standard as far as rose goes, but williams? wow. just a bizarre creature."
  • "I just wanted to show you a site that is copying your logo almost exactly. Not sure if you have it copyrighted or not.. Just a little anonymous tip... I know I hate it when people copy my work!"
  • "just saw a regional tmobile my faves commercial and there's a pic of cobrasnake beard boy in it. please research and make fun of it."
  • "message for Jeanette Walls: I was born and raised in McDowell County (Asco/Davy area). My Mom, [redacted], was a cook at Davy Jr. High School and she knew your Mother, I met your Mother because my Mom wanted me to meet her & to see the beautiful drawings she did of the mountains on her way back and forth to work. I think she did them in charcoal or colored pencil. As you know, there's nothing more beautiful than the mountains and fall foliage in that area I really enjoyed your book and could relate, one of our biggest treats as a kid was eating crackers with butter sprinkled with a little sugar."
  • "Ah Siberia... I used to love that place back when it was still in the train station. Strong drinks, plastic cups, great jukebox, smelled like pee because it was in the subway, not just because it was a dive. I stopped going when the drinks went from four dollars to five. Five dollars just seemed like too much considering you still had to deal with the occasional ass-smelling subway crazy coming in to gawk at the drunk white people. Another plus, dirty one-night hook-ups seemed all the dirtier if they actually started out in the filth of the NYC Transit System. Good times, good times."
  • "You could have at least done Peter Boyle a solid by eulogizing him as the monster from Young Frankenstein instead of pointing out his unfortunate involvement in Everybody Loves Raymond. Show a little respect for the dead."
  • "Have you guys noticed that the new issue of 'In Style' is dated January 2006 on the cover?"
  • "viacom/mtv/vh1/bet - maybe you knew this or everyone does, but I was shocked last night when I found out they don't offer domestic partner benefits!!! how fucked up is that?"
  • "FUCK Last Night's Party, I HATE that FUCK - First I should let you know that I shouldn't have gotten myself into this situation in the first place. BUT: I go to the Ben Sherman store last night to see a band play (Ra Ra Riot - certifiably un-hipster, because they've been hated on by too many music blogs for hipsters to adopt as brilliant...and they don't make stupidly obtuse music - an aside) and drink free beer, and this motherfucker is taking pictures of everyone, everywhere. It's invasive and lame, but mostly just lame: taking pictures through a Bass beer bottle, taking pictures of Ben Sherman mannequins, taking pictures of mannequins through beer bottles, and being in everyone's. fucking. way while he does it. Furthermore, it gives assclowns like this a subjectively-legitimate reason to dress like that in public. I have a job and a life that doesn't involve these asses and I might live in Nu-York - the city that lost it's edge - but I don't have to be subjected to this kind of shit while out on the town. Fuck this crowd and fuck Last Night's Party and if Gawker and Blue States Lose loved their readers they'd put a Chanukah fatwa on that cockmobster's corny, hipster ass."
  • "Can we PLEASE have the Hottest Flacks Poll?"
  • "we better see some team party crash for last night! I'm so interested by the inside of Bar Martignetti!"
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