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NICK DOUGLAS — "There's a condom in the bathroom trash," a lady friend told me around midnight in David Weekly's living room. "It's mine."

We were at Weekly's monthly coding party, SuperHappyDevHouse. This friend had just gotten it on with a startup founder in a downstairs bathroom, while over fifty geeks were programming outside the door. The idea of it made me shudder...but it was thrilling.

I've heard plenty of stories about nerds getting, or failing to get, some action:


  • The guy who nonchalantly took apart a rare Mac G4 test model in high school, risking Apple's legal wrath to impress some girls (he failed)
  • The man who meets women by sniffing their wifi traffic
  • The woman who was on top when her PDA buzzed — so she checked it
  • The boyfriend who got laid by giving his lady a Burger King Star Wars watch ("as big as my wrist, like a Casio calculator"
  • The developer who told me, "Most engineers rock in bed. They are very into feedback cycles"

But the geeks of the world have much more Penthouse-worthy tales of nerd debauchery than these, so we're opening this thread to anyone with a story (username/password: packets/protocol). The person with the best story gets a $50 gift certificate to the Blowfish sex store (Front page SFW).

This is an installment in Diggbait, a daily column by Nick Douglas, who also writes at Eat the Press. Earlier Diggbaits include Ten Badass Bots and The Eight People You Meet on Digg. Photo by Josh Bancroft.