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As if anything could preclude our right to mock. Time's annual hype machine finally reached its crescendo this weekend, announcing the choice for the 2006 "Person of the Year": You. That's right — You, over there, with the face. Even if you're a fan of the abstract POTY selections (as opposed to a single person or group of people), this has to rank as the most squishy, opportunistic pick ever. See, this way they get to roll in YouTube, MySpace, Wikipedia, even Web 2.0 — anything with a hint of buzz, warranted or not. And since a bunch of Yous use a lot of these tools, we're all meant to be flattered and intrigued by our collective appearance on the cover. And we were worried it might end up as "Blogs" or something silly like that. Oh well. Sorry, Stephen Colbert, it 's not you, it's You.

Person of the Year: You [Time]

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