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Nothing says "Hey baby, I bought a North8 Condo and I still have some disposable income left over — Merry Christmas" like a $280 soda-can tab necklace rendered in 14K gold. Seriously, though, if you're hunting for that special something to give your blunt-cut-banged sweetheart for the hols, may we suggest the wares of uber-Williamsburglar jewelry store Catbird? We're sure she'll love the unofficial symbol of 'burgy hotness — yes, the mounted buck head (Why? Something to do with this, we're almost sure of it )— rendered in silver or gold vermeil. Seriously, though, there's something here for every chick, and some of it isn't even ironic. Visit the new Bedford Ave. location, but make sure not to go during 'enormous hipster clusterfuck' hours.